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Trattoria Taverniti Our story begins almost 90 years ago in Monasterace Calabria, Italy. That is where my mother, Rosina Taverna! was born, on a hot July day in 1930. She learned to cook from her father. Everything she was taught, everything she saw, she reproduced. She found her passion in food. She lived in Calabria for 26 years and married my father there, before coming to Canada on a snowy Christmas Eve, in 1956.



My mother, Rosina, is from Calabria in Italy. She arrived in Canada with my father on December 24th, 1956. Over the years she has been in charge of many kitchens – some with as many as 30 people working under her. She learned to cook from her father – a multi-talented man. He was a police officer who, once a week, was the cook for all the other officers. My mother would also stand by her mother, watching her cook, soaking in all the knowledge she could. My son, Anthony, also works with us. He has the same talent for making good food and is learning every day from myself and his nonna. He is currently in university, but has been here for the past ten years, and still works during the summers. My mother and I opened the restaurant because we wanted to do what we are good at. We have talent for making good food. As with anyone, it would be a waste to not use our talents. We are very happy that we can share our food with so many people. We hope you can stop by soon to try the food we put our hearts into making.


We waited for the perfect location to become available in Little Italy. On April 8, 2011 we opened Trattoria Taverniti. Our place is quaint and charming with exposed brick, checkered table clothes, and old barn wood. It is a comfortable restaurant great for mid-afternoon lunch breaks, dinners with friends and family, and sipping wine later in the evening.